What the hell are we doing for mental health?

I have been thinking of writing this for some time now and I feel there will never be any better time to do it. I have been supporting and working for the cause of mental health betterment for a while now. My journey with mental health promotion started when I was going through stress disorder myself. As I write this, I still fight the issue, … Continue reading What the hell are we doing for mental health?

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Improve your content in 3 simple steps as explained by Brian Dean

Is it ever occurred to you that you clicked on an interesting link and then quickly closed it because you couldn’t find that relevant piece out of the whole chunk? Or have you ever wondered how complex of complex theories are explained in the most interesting and simplest way? Who hasn’t right? So let’s stop wondering and practice these simple steps to make your content … Continue reading Improve your content in 3 simple steps as explained by Brian Dean

The Chilton Story

The story of PASSION- the one thing that makes the difference. “Nothing but the passion drives an organization” and who knows it better than Mr P G Chil Prakash, an NIT alumnus, a strong technical leader and the MAN behind the brand Chilton. Chilton (the name coined by the two most relevant words in refrigeration industry- “Chill” and “Tonnage”) is a B2B enterprise for all … Continue reading The Chilton Story

5 reasons why Camosun is best for you.

[Working in a multinational IT firm for almost 4 years ( I had my ups and downs, had one heck of experience, learnt new skills, had opportunity to work under amazing leaders), I had always thought that I should broaden up my career path and re-route my job profile so that my career life won’t get stagnant. Exposure, risk and experience are always good in … Continue reading 5 reasons why Camosun is best for you.

How did I mend the relationship with my hair? 

My hair is a mess! She is difficult, grumpy, moody, stubborn and rough. She is an attention seeker and if she doesn’t get the attention that she wishes for, then things can get super ugly. I have been carrying her since I was born, precisely 1988! My hair is with me through thick and thin, literally. My hair has seen it all, my cry, my … Continue reading How did I mend the relationship with my hair? 

Quick analysis: Hubspot v/s Zoho CRM

I sat down for an analysis of the 2 software, Hubspot and Zoho CRM, as I had to choose a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that is best suited for our organization. My boss was particularly keen on Zoho CRM and asked me to look over the options to integrate it with our organization website. I have been a user of Zoho campaigns and their … Continue reading Quick analysis: Hubspot v/s Zoho CRM

How Bitcoin #scam lured a job seeker?

I got a job offer (via Indeed) from the company called btcconsulting a couple of weeks ago. There was an online interview, a pre-scripted interview, and a phone in before they offered me a position. They had sent me the job description and compensation in detail, afterward. Compensation looked lucrative. And trust me; it was very hard to deny the offer. The company boasts of … Continue reading How Bitcoin #scam lured a job seeker?

“In”convenience Store.

Name of service firm Reliance Fresh Type of service Convenience store (Retail) Date and time of encounter 27/06/17 12:00 pm Concepts covered: Time costs , search costs, convenience costs, and price as an indicator of service quality. Service and profitability: the direct relationship and word-of-mouth communication. Price of service 160 Indian Rupees (Approx. $3.2)  Encounter Shopping plan was sudden on a working day, just to buy … Continue reading “In”convenience Store.

Emirates: Service Encounter Blog

Name of service firm Emirates Type of service Airline Date and time of encounter 19/12/16 9:00 am Concepts Covered Intangibility. Communicating and maintaining a consistent image. Accommodating fluctuating demand. Ensuring the delivery of consistent quality service. Gaps of service quality.  Consumer expectations. Customer perception of services. Consumer benefits. Enterprise benefits. Dealing with customer complaints. Price of service 1800 CDN Encounter The so called “system” was initially … Continue reading Emirates: Service Encounter Blog

Activism “Revamped”

Activism is a practice or a campaign done by a certain group to bring in social or political change. Basically, the organization under surveillance would have to deal with the activist groups as a part of their issue management.applied-art-architecture-art-2127463Activist’s group can be considered as stakeholders whose actions may or may not affect the reputation of the organization. Activists group are of two types, radical oriented or reform-oriented. Reform-oriented activism targets a certain business organization or an industry. They focus on “how to instigate a change in current business practice”. They usually deal with a single issue, run multiple campaigns and influence others to act on the issue. Continue reading “Activism “Revamped””